PhotoSwap 2.0 is here!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 700 million unique pictures swapped through PhotoSwap. Today we’re proud to announce its first major update!

The PhotoSwap idea was born in 2008, the day Apple announced its App Store. For the first time in history you could reach millions of people all over the world carrying a tiny computer in their pocket all day long with an Internet connection, a camera and a GPS. How exciting is that?

The first version of PhotoSwap was released a few months later as a side project, a first attempt at iPhone programming. With a crude user interface and many design issues, it seemed frozen in time since its launch. Yet, despite those drawbacks, users fell in love with the concept and word of mouth spread among iPhone users, making PhotoSwap a hit in several countries.

Since then, the number of active users has been growing steadily and so did the number of pictures swapped daily. Many users have been swapping with each other for years, meeting each other offline and even crossing oceans to do so.

We’re happy and proud to be part of this story. We also realise how lucky we are, in today’s very competitive app world, to have the support of such an awesome and active community. That’s why in Summer 2013 we decided to promote PhotoSwap from a side project to the place it deserves. A talented team gathered to work on PhotoSwap 2.0 and today we’re really happy to share the result of this work with you!

Every line of code has been rewritten, a sleek iOS 7 interface has been built and an Android version is almost ready to be released! No revolution in the concept that made PhotoSwap a success but a solid foundation for the future. Let us know what you think! We’d like to hear your feedback while we shape our roadmap. What would you like to see in PhotoSwap? How would you improve the current experience? Do you have a PhotoSwap story we’d like to hear? Send us your input to

Hope you like it! Have fun PhotoSwapping!

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